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Administrative law holds significant prominence within the framework of self-governance in numerous nations. Within the Australian governmental context, this notion pertains to the legal principles governing the procedures by which the government formulates its determinations. The singular authority responsible for crafting administrative law within the federal government of Australia is vested in the attorney-general. This individual assumes the pivotal role of supervising the initiation, implementation, and modification of all administrative law policies and regulations. Under the attorney general’s jurisdiction, diverse governmental entities are empowered to monitor, revise, and impose limitations on administrative law.

The prevailing majority of the contemporary administrative law practices in Australia were established during the 1970s and 1980s. A multitude of reports, committees, and initiatives contributed to a substantial reformation of the processes concerning the creation and interpretation of administrative law. These policies were devised and enacted by the Parliament of Australia and affiliated institutions to guarantee governmental accountability and safeguard citizens against potential abuses.

Current Practices Related to Administrative Law in Australia

In Australia, the attorney-general assumes the principal role of overseeing administrative law and bears various rights and responsibilities regarding federal government laws, policies, and non-codified procedures. Of particular significance is the attorney general’s supervision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), which entails the management of challenges and revisions to administrative law. The AAT serves as the adjudicating body responsible for assessing the legality of government decisions through appeals and reviews. Any proposed amendments or modifications to administrative law necessitate the attorney general’s approval, as without such endorsement, no alterations can be implemented.

Until 2015, the attorney-general also held the responsibility of liaising with the Administrative Review Council, an entity that formulated non-codified recommendations for government officials. Although not vested with legal or judicial authority, the recommendations issued by the Administrative Review Council carried validation through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act of 1975. After four decades since its establishment, the Administrative Review Council was dissolved in 2015. Henceforth, the attorney-general assumed the role of crafting recommendations for best practices, thereby assuming sole jurisdiction over this area.

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