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MIS Certification in Delhi, SLA Institute, Excel, VBA, SQL, Business Analyst ...

MIS Certification in Delhi at SLA Consultants India, Management Information System, is a Job Oriented MIS Certification in Delhi which has 6 Modules. MIS Certification in Delhi starts with Basics to Advanced Excel, VBA/Macros Automation, SQL & MS Access, Tableau, Power BI & Python Data Science (New Year 2022 Offer Python Data Science). 

MIS Certification in Delhi includes all types of report creation, presentation/visualization, dashboards preparation, and in advance we cover Tableau Desktop for Data Analytics & Data Visualization, in MS Power BI we cover DAX where we can do programming in MS Power Business Intelligence tool. 

Python is used for Data Science- Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning which is covered at an intermediate level in the free course. 

SLA Consultants MIS Certification in Delhi, SLA Institute, Excel, VBA, SQL, Business Analyst Training Course, Details is available at the link below:

MIS & Data Analysis in Excel Training Course

Module 1 - Basic and Advanced Excel With Dashboard and Excel Analytics

Module 2 - VBA / Macros - Automation Reporting, User Form and Dashboard

Module 3 - SQL and MS Access - Data Manipulation, Queries, Scripts and Server Connection - MIS and Data Analytics

Module 4 - Tableau | MS Power BI ▷ BI & Data Visualization

Module 5 - Python | R Programing ▷ BI & Data Visualization

Module 6 - Python Data Science and Machine Learning - 100% Fre

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